How To Test Surround Sound Headphones? 4 Important Factors To Consider

  • 10 Dec 2022 05:07
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How To Test Surround Sound Headphones? 4 Important Factors To Consider

Want to test some critical parameters such as sensitivity and impedance to evaluate the audio performance of your surround headphones? Want to make sure your headphones work correctly?  Some guidelines below will help you understand how to test surround sound headphones and adequately evaluate your equipment.

Factors Related To The Sound Quality And Performance 

Some factors related to the sound quality and performance 

Some factors related to the sound quality and performance 

Surround sound headphone's quality depends on quite a few different factors. Before testing this headset, please refer to some information below:

Headphone cavity

When buying a headset, you will pay little attention to this part. However, the headphone compartment significantly impacts the quality of sound you get or the durability of the headset.

The headphone speaker

Speakers will affect the sound quality and the effect of the sound you receive. So how can I test my headphones speakers? Pay attention to the magnet part of the speaker. This accessory is responsible for creating sound-quality effects.

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth version

If you use a wireless headset, pay attention to the Bluetooth version. Devices using the latest version will minimize connection problems. The wireless headphones' sound quality and latest version performance are also different.

Bluetooth chip

Besides the Bluetooth version, the chip is also a factor that significantly affects the sound quality. A wireless headset model with a quality Bluetooth chip will have a stable signal transmission effect. From there, new listeners get an uninterrupted listening experience.

How To Test Surround Sound Headphones?

Testing surround sound headphones will be easier than you might think. Here are 3 main ways you can refer to evaluate the sound quality in your headphones.


How to test surround sound headphones on a PC

How to test surround sound headphones on a PC

Testing surround sound headphones on a PC is one of the simplest and most common methods. To perform the headset test in this way, refer to the steps:
  • On the PC, access the Control Panel, and select Hardware and Sound. Finally, choose the sound to check the quality of the headphones. If the taskbar on your desktop has a speaker icon, click on this icon to access it.
  • In the "Audio" options, select the "playback" tab. A list of available devices will appear and select the same headset you want to test.
  • To check the headset's parameters, select the Configure default button. With the 7.1 surround sound profile, you must select the corresponding headphone test button.
  • Select the "test" button. At this point, the PC will automatically provide you with sound through all speakers. 
  • During the test, you can click the "Test" button again to pause or select any speaker in the diagram located on the window to test each speaker.
  • To close the window, click the "cancel" or "X" button.

On Netflix

The instructions above only help you to test your surround sound headphones on your PC. So how to test surround sound on Netflix?
  • Using a streaming app, you can test your surround-sound headphones with a 5.1 profile.
  • To perform the test, go to Netflix and select the "Experiment" item.
  • This streaming platform offers four different audio/video experiment types. With 5.1-configurable surround-sound headphones, take advantage of the first Netflix-supported trial.

On PS5

On PS5 

On PS5 

You can connect surround sound headphones to your PS5 to enhance your entertainment experience. So, how to test surround sound on PS5?
  • During the connection process, you can check the headset quality through the PS5.
  • To determine if your surround-sound headset is working correctly, select "Options" on the controller.
  • In the menu that appears, select the button with three dots.
  • After changing the audio format to Bitstream, you will see the active status on your surround sound devices.
These basic operations will help you quickly assess the quality of your headphones in the most accurate way. Different games will allow you to test lows, trebles, and repercussions.


After referring to the instructions above, have you confidently checked the surround headphone quality? If you are still wondering about some related issues, immediately refer to the answers below:

Does the PS5 have surround sound?

PS5 supports two main surround sound formats, 5.1 and 7.1. PS5 series X also supports Dolby Atmos classic sound for some compatible games. The PS5 also supports a soundbar that can produce high-quality surround sound.

Does 7.1 surround sound Work on Netflix?

The instructions in the article only help you test 5.1 surround sound on Netflix. So how to test 7.1 surround sound? Netflix only supports 5.1 surround sound. However, you can still enhance your entertainment experience using Dolby Atmos or other digital manipulations.

How can I test if my surround sound is working?

  • To test surround sound, go to the Sound section of your PC's Control Panel. 
  • Then, select the surround sound device you want to check and click on the "Properties" section.
  • Depending on the device type, select the correct surround sound profile before selecting "test sound." 
  • At this time, the device will automatically play sound through the speaker with the corresponding shape. 
  • You can rely on the output audio to rate the device's quality.

Can headphones have surround sound?

Virtual surround sound headphones will have a design quite similar to standard headphones when there are two separate speakers.  These headphones will have more than one preamplifier. And these devices will translate standard audio signals into surround sound. Most headphones don't produce surround sound. It will take advantage of the preamplifier to give the conversion.

Is Dolby 7.1 better than Atmos?

Dolby 7.1 is not appreciated for sound quality as This model does not have overhead sound or improved calibration software. So when compared to Atmos, the 7.1 sound could be deeper and more accurate.


Testing your surround sound headphones will allow you to gauge the device's performance. The headphone test is not too complicated as long as you follow the instructions in the article. Hopefully, through this detailed article, you have understood how to test surround sound headphones. Hopefully, you have a successful headphone test and the correct choice. Thanks for reading!

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