How To Install Surround Sound Wall Plates? 9 Steps To Follow

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How To Install Surround Sound Wall Plates? 9 Steps To Follow

Are you annoyed when the speaker tower takes up too much space in your room? Virtually invisible in-wall speakers will ensure aesthetics and make the most of your living space. So how to install surround sound wall plates? How do I install surround sound without wires showing? Check out the detailed guides in this article.

What Is Surround Sound? 

The surrounding sound 

The surrounding sound 

Surround sound is a technique that uses multiple channels from speakers to reproduce sound with outstanding fidelity and depth. This technique produces much better sound quality than traditional sounds, such as sounds from speakers placed next to or behind the listener. With surround sound, listeners can perceive sound coming from any direction. Therefore, surround sound is often used in cinemas.  After a while, surround sound reproduction techniques became widely used in many different situations, including in everyday life.

How To Install Surround Sound Wall Plates?

Step by step to follow 

Step by step to follow 

Now, how do you attach banana plugs to a wall plate? Before installing surround sound wall panels, you need to take some measurements and understand the rules for installing speakers. Once you've measured the critical dimensions and understand the rule that left and right speakers should be spaced 6 - 10 feet apart, it's time to install your surround sound wall panels by following the steps below.

Stick your template on a wall

Ensure your template is the same size as your surround sound wall panels. In addition, you also need to be careful with the internal longitudinal incision. Dimensional errors in this step can cost you additional material costs.

Double-check and ensure the mold level

After pasting the template, correct the position so that the template is in the center position, ensuring aesthetics. It is a hinged step that makes it easy to go through the next surround wall panel installation.

Drill a beginning hole and increase your circumference

This step will cause a lot of dust. Therefore, removing the furniture from the room and carefully covering the remaining items is better. To successfully drill a hole, you should pilot a fault first in the center position. It will help if you use the short rope to feel the obstacle. After examining the cavity, you can increase the diameter of the hole. Finally, stop when the gap is wide enough to put your hand in.

Cut your wall into sections after checking the recesses.

This step is quite simple, but you must prepare enough measuring tape to check the parameters inside the niches thoroughly. Remember to measure the recess inside in the vertical, horizontal, and vertical directions. Also, keep the tape measure from touching the side beams for the most accurate results.

Remove obstacles

Move all obstacles to get the most accurate measurement. In this step, you should also drill ½ inch pilot holes and use a hand saw to cut the holes. You will have a little trouble drilling the first pilot hole. However, the remaining steps are much more straightforward after cutting them into sections.

Take a leak to push a rope on the recess.

You'll need to route the speaker wire to find the premade entrance to the alcove. Then drill a small hole and use the chain and hanger to pull the rope via the hole.

Finish with a speaker wire and coat hanger

Pull the baseboard with a knife to cut the drywall edge through the walls. Then use rivets to pin the wire and start reattaching the baseboards.

Push the speaker into the hole and tighten its latches

Some speakers support innovative mounting systems for speaker positioning. Ensure you use the clamps to lock the speaker and prevent vibration. Finally, attach the speaker wire to the dual post, placing the speaker in the recess. The mounting system will automatically tighten. Then, check again that the system is not over-tightened.

TestTesting surround sound wall plate 

Testing surround sound wall plate 

After completing the steps to install the surround sound wall panel, try testing your speaker system. Playing movies or video games is a great way to get a feel for the surround sound and gauge the setup's effectiveness.


Installing surround sound wall panels is easier than you think. You will get the sound system you want with just a little care and completing all the steps above. Hopefully, through the article sharing, you have clearly understood how to install surround sound wall plates. Thank you for reading!

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