How To Connect Bose Surround Sound to TV? Tutorial With 3 Methods

  • 13 Dec 2022 23:09
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How To Connect Bose Surround Sound to TV? Tutorial With 3 Methods

For decades, Bose has provided high-quality audio for your home sound systems. Their speakers, soundbars, and plans consistently deliver, especially when mentioning music and movies. Many individuals like to install soundbars. It's a widespread misunderstanding that they are challenging you to connect to your TV, yet that is untrue.  Let's figure out how to connect Bose surround sound to TV. It's easy to have perfect audio and only requires a few simple steps!

What's The Best Way To Connect Your Bose Soundbar? 

Modern TVs may support Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, and HDMI (via ARC). The Bose soundbar should be connected to a TV via HDMI for the clearest audio possible.  The second method is the optical cable. Bluetooth is an alternative if you don't mind muffled sound.

How To Connect Bose Surround Sound To TV

How to have surround sound from TV? You can connect your Bose soundbar to your television using one of these three popular methods. 




A TV that supports HDMI ARC, or HDMI Audio Return Channel, is necessary for connecting a soundbar. Many recent TVs feature HDMI ARC connectors, but you should double-check in the TV's user guide.  Otherwise, the soundbar won't receive any audio signals from the TV. After checking this, you can follow these steps:
  • Make sure your Bose surround sound and TV are off.
  • Prepare your HDMI cable.
  • The Audio Out connection on your Bose soundbar should receive one side of the HDMI wire.
  • Attach the other side of your cable to your TV's HDMI ARC port.
  • Modify the audio output settings on your television, and switch to the Bose soundbar as the output.
  • You should activate ARC in the TV's options menu. You occasionally need to adjust these settings since it is an HDMI ARC port for it to function.
  • Modify the soundbar's menu to change the audio input. This control may be present in the soundbar's settings or as a switch on the equipment itself.
After completing these steps, you can hear your TV voice through the soundbar.

Optical Cable 

Optical cable 

Optical cable 

How to connect surround sound to TV without HDMI? An optical cable is the next best option for connecting Bose soundbar to the TV. Although it won't function as effectively as HDMI, employing this method still results in higher sound quality than Bluetooth. You will need a TV with optical output capabilities and an optical connection long enough to connect both devices to use this method. Furthermore, it's crucial to know that not all soundbars will enable visual references.  Before beginning, check if the soundbar supports optical. Follow these instructions after you've reviewed everything twice.
  • Buy an optical cable that will extend far enough from the speaker to the optical connector on your TV
  • The optical cable should have one end connected to the soundbar and the other to the optical connector on your TV
  • Navigate to your TV's audio preferences. The general menu on your TV should contain these settings.
  • You should switch your Bose soundbar's audio input to "digital" and the audio output option to "optical."
The name, location, or other details of these settings may change. Nevertheless, there should be an equivalent on your TV or Bose soundbar. If you're having problems, try searching for details about your particular model.




The third method of connecting a Bose soundbar to a TV is Bluetooth. Unless you don't own an optical port or HDMI ARC, it is not recommendable. It's due to the possibility of decreased audio quality when using Bluetooth. Be aware that outdated TVs are not suitable for this technique. For this approach to work well, your Bose soundbar and TV must have Bluetooth capability.  You can buy an adaptor adding Bluetooth connectivity if your TV does not include it. Follow these instructions after your soundbar and TV can pair.
  • Hold and press the Bluetooth icon on your speaker or remote. Because different models may show pairing in different ways, check to discover what kind of led light you should be looking for.
  • Locate the Bluetooth pairing option on your TV and choose the Bose soundbar from the compatible devices.
  • Choose the gadget to pair them with
  • Check if your soundbar and TV are adequately matched by playing a video on the TV.
  • If you can hear sound coming from the soundbar, connecting is successful!


How can I connect my TV to my Bose speaker?

Similar to your Bose surround sound, you can use HDMI, optical cables, or Bluetooth to connect your Bose speakers to your TV. They have the same working principles.

How to connect surround sound to a TV without a receiver?

Simply attach the HDMI connector on the TV to the AUDIO OUT. After that, connect the speaker to the amplifier via the output connector.

Why isn't my Bose speaker working with my TV?

There may be a lot of reasons for this to happen, but we have several options to solve your problem. By restarting the devices and the cords that connect them, you can restore the HDMI connection Turn off the TV, the source device, and the Bose device, or you may disconnect them. Unplug two HDMI cables from both ends to ensure safe connections and reinstall them. The video below shows you two ways to fix this case.

Final Thoughts

It's easy to know how to connect Bose surround sound to TV, regardless of your type. There is always a method for securing your Bose soundbar, even though these three options have varying levels of audio quality.  Although Optical connections and HDMI ARC are better for newer TVs, there is an ability to link your older TV too.

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