Long-Distance Data Transfer Made Simple: Launch Of Novel Fiber Optics Cables Paves The Way

  • 27 Aug 2022 22:25
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Long-Distance Data Transfer Made Simple: Launch Of Novel Fiber Optics Cables Paves The Way

The advancements in fiber optics cables are the backbone of today’s digital revolutions. Its efficiency and high transmission capacity make them a perfect candidate for transmitting information at an unprecedented speed. That’s why fiber optics cables are preferred for long-distance transmission. In layman’s terms, fiber optics cables use light pulses to transfer data due to the total internal reflection principle. Moreover, the cable has a plastic coating to protect it from adverse weather conditions and exposure to heat and cold. This coating also protects it from electromagnetic interference and UV rays of the sun, increasing its importance for data transmission and thus, its demand, according to firm allied market research. Emcab, a German manufacturer of optical cables has recently joined forces with In-cab to launch a new optics cable. In-cab is another manufacturer of fiber optic cable. The announced joint venture is expected to offer a state-of-the-art range of fiber cable solutions. The manufacturing site would be located in the heart of Europe and would offer buried, ducted, blown fiber cables along with HDPE and PVC ducts. The combined knowledge of the companies is expected to provide high-quality fiber optic cable to customers across the world. The extensive cable range is expected to offer an increased fiber count of up to 864 fibers and cover several applications such as burial and direct. In addition, the joint venture would offer improved fiber optic cable with guaranteed operability between duct and fiber, which is what customers demand. In other news, Kalaam Telecom and Ciena together announced to launch of a new fiber-optic network to boost diversity in the MENA region. The Kalaam Network Optical Transit (KNOT) cable network is expected to improve regional as well as international connectivity. The KNOT terrestrial fiber optic cable network would cover more than 1,400 km, which would offer a capacity of around 12.8 Terabits per second along with low latency connectivity in the targeted region. Moreover, as the KNOT cable carries over an optical ground wire along with a region high-tension electricity network, it helps to minimize the possibility of cable cuts. Veer Passi, the Group CEO of a joint venture believes that this multi-million-dollar project would sustain the ever-increasing demand for data connectivity and business applications in the given region. The KNOT cable network uses the Packet Optical platform of Ciena that uses WaveLogic coherent technology to provide flexible bandwidth capacities. This venture is vital for the region’s technological growth as the new cable network would offer route diversity across the region like never before spanning over 12 countries. During the ongoing pandemic, the demand for high-speed data transfer and its availability across various regions have skyrocketed. There is nothing like fiber optic cables to transfer data across larger distances even as far as 24 miles. Amid this, the launch of novel fiber-optic cables and networks is treated as god’s gift. The increased partnerships of major market players have been fruitful for market growth and are bound to open lucrative opportunities in the future.

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